Joe's Illness

Pineal Germ Cell Tumour (Teratoma)

Joe was diagnosed with a Pineal Germ Cell Tumour (Teratoma) on March 17th 2008. The tumour secreted Alpa feta Protein which was elevated. He was admitted to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Young Persons Unit in Birmingham for treatment. He had Brain Surgery - Endoscopic third ventriculoscopy to alleviate his main symptom which was headaches caused by Hydrocephalus. He then had extensive Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy.

We are not medical experts but we do have first hand experience of this illness, which we understand to be a malignancy (Cancer) mainly found in younger people. After Joe’s initial diagnosis we found it very difficult to find support groups or other parents in a similar dilemma. Most of the research, funding, trials etc seem to be aimed at the more common Cancers. If this is you and you wish to talk please email Craig on...